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We're a small golf shop - currently 2 people and six products. We're bad at golf - but we like a well priced gadget or accessory. And that's what you'll find in our store - good quality, affordable, golf accessories for you, or the golfer in your life.

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Small. On purpose.

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TickTockGolf - Golf Impact Labels


Golf Impact Labels

Consistency is every club golfer’s dearest aim. How often is a good round spoiled by one or two wayward drives? TickTockGolf’s impact tape labels record the precise point of contact between your golf ball and the club face. This allows for straightforward analysis of your strike pattern after each shot.

Take them to the driving range and incorporate in your normal practice or warm-up routine, and you will improve your accuracy, and help promote greater distance off the tee.

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About TickTockGolf

Small. On Purpose.

About TickTockGolf

A company of two people - one a 4 handicapper, the other … we'll say it's the wrong side of 20 and leave it at that. What we do have in common is a love of golf and all the little bits and pieces that go with it.

How it all began

… with a couple of mates and a dubious handicap! We started selling a couple of golf accessories on Amazon – and we’ve grown from there. We have a small range of products – because we both have full time jobs – and keep the sales going as a hobby as much as anything else.

  • Our Golf Club Groove Sharpener
  • Good Quality Golf Grips
  • Iron Head Covers
  • Golf Trolley Phone Holder
  • Golf Scorecard Holder
  • Golf Impact Labels

Like many golfers – and those who have golfers in their lives will know this only too well – we do enjoy a new bit of kit from time to time.

You won’t find us selling £1000 golf bags, or the latest in golf club technology. But you will find a bit of well priced, good quality, and genuinely useful stuff. Take it from a too-embarrassed-to-mention-his-handicap hacker!

We don’t want to take over the world, we’re quite happy where we are: selling a few good products that help you enjoy golf a little bit more.

What our customers say …

Item Fine Fit
Good for telling where you hit ball in practice and a can help with practice
alan Giles

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