Golf Impact Tape: Get more consistent with your driving & iron play

Consistency is every club golfer’s dearest aim. How often is a good round spoiled by one or two wayward drives? TickTockGolf’s impact tape labels record the precise point of contact between your golf ball and the club face. This allows for straightforward analysis of your strike pattern after each shot.

Take them to the driving range and incorporate in your normal practice or warm-up routine, and you will improve your accuracy, and help promote greater distance off the tee.

Ensure the club head is clean and dry before applying the labels. For best results, and to ensure consistency of analysis, align the bottom of the label with the bottom of the club. To remove, peel carefully from one corner, taking care to avoid ripping. Strike the ball as normal making sure to use clean dry golf balls.

This Product Works

This is a good product and arrived promptly it suits drivers and 3 woods more than irons however with practice it works with all clubs even short irons

NB: the labels work for all irons / woods & metal woods. However, these have been specifically designed for your driver – and will fill the whole of your driver’s face. You can certainly use them on all of your irons, and simply fold down any of the label that goes above the top of the club.

  • IDENTIFY THE PRECISE LOCATION OF IMPACT. Understanding exactly where the golf ball hits the club face is crucial to improve your golf swing.
  • USE EACH LABEL MULTIPLE TIMES. impact tape can be used multiple times – between 6 – 8 strikes per label, in normal use. Seeing your average strike location helps make adjustments to your posture, your swing, or stance as you address the ball.
  • REMOVABLE WITH NO RESIDUE. Hitting labels are removable and will not damage your golf club’s face or leave glue residue. Safely remove the stickers after instantly assessing the feedback on your ball striking. A great practice & training aid.
  • DESIGNED FOR YOUR DRIVER. Works for all irons & woods, but labels are designed for your driver. For irons, simply fold over excess sticker. 250 stickers, for left and right handers, to help ensure you hit your target every time.
  • LEARN WHAT GOOD STRIKING FEELS LIKE. Intuitively learn the feel for when you mis-hit the ball. See what it looks like when you mis-hit, or when you swing perfectly, allowing you to make the adjustments necessary to your swing to help ensure consistency.

Golf Impact Tape

Great Gift For A Golf Fanatic!

I bought these for my husband who said they are a great way to check your golf swing and contact point with the ball.

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