TickTockGolf Scorecard Holder

Golf Scorecard Holder - track the ups & downs of your round with our scorecard holder.

TickTockGolf - Golf Scorecard Holder


Golf Scorecard Holder

Sporting an attractive faux-crocodile leather look in three different colours (like it toned down and traditional? try the black ... the golfer in your life a bit more 'out there'? check out the red with green interior, or stylish pink & black!), the TickTockGolf scorecard holder is an attractive-yet-functional item at a good price.

Cheaper holders barely make it round 18 holes, but the solid construction, quality stitching, and strong grips on this wallet, ensure reliable usage for years to come. It'll be with you through the highs and lows of your golfing career!

  • PERFECT GOLF GIFT: ideal gift for the golfer in your life, or to treat yourself with
  • LOOKS GOOD: imitation crocodile leather design - stylish and hard wearing. You know your scorecards are not going to withstand the weather this winter ... protect them with this durable scorecard holder.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: the holder folds completely flat, providing a solid base for writing on - just please leave the green before marking your scores! :)
  • TIGHT INTERNAL GRIPS: grips to keep your pencil in place, as well as your scorecard; good grip ensuring they don't flap about in the wind, and send you scurrying across the golf course looking for it!
  • GOOD SIZE: fed up with fiddly little scorecard holders that you can't hold on to properly? Us too. This is a good size - 7.25" by 4.25" - it'll fit in most comfortable back trouser pockets, but not get lost at the bottom of your bag either

What our customers say …

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At the moment am quite happy with the scorecard, I have had no problems with it, and it fits into my back pocket easily, and is easy to access.

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